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Workshops and Our 30-Day Challenge

Impulse Chiropractic & Massage Therapy exercise class

We Make Health, Fun!

At Impulse Health and Wellness we offer more than just chiropractic care. We want to make a difference in the overall health of our patients. We offer Workshops on how YOU can help yourself.

Our workshops include helpful information on the following topics:

After our workshops, we offer a 30 day-challenge where you can apply what we’ve taught you!

Weight Loss As You’ve Never Seen it Before

Our 30-day Challenge is a special diet program for weight loss patients. It consists of 30 days program that teaches the principals of eating nutritionally and losing weight.

Eating To Lose Weight

Your eating plan is a very vital part of the 30-day challenge weight loss program.

Eat healthy foods – Lessen your sugar intake and processed foods that turn into fat and eat more greens.
Eat only when you’re hungry – If you’re not hungry, don’t eat.
Stop eating when you’re full – Listen to your body, it can tell you when you’ve had enough food.

We’ll meet weekly to continue to teach you what you should eat and how you can lose the weight you wish to lose!

Recipe Night

In the beginning of the program you’re given recipes. At one of our weekly meetings we’ll have a tour of local health stores to collect the greens and items you need to prepare the recipes.

Then, in another meeting we’ll have a potluck dinner where you’ll get to prepare one of your recipes and share it with everyone. We would then sit around and talk about the recipes and how everyone feels about the food and the program.

Do you have weight issues and need help in losing it? Call Dr. Leong Wong at (604) 951-8959 and experience the results others are.

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