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WorkSafe BC/Workplace Injury Care in Surrey

Workplace injuries can occur in any type of job—they’re not limited to heavy manual labour! In fact, many job-related injuries occur as a result of repetitive motions that people who work at office desks perform on a daily basis.

At Impulse Health and Wellness, we strive to identify the underlying cause of your injury and correct it so you can get back to work and back to enjoying life!

What to Expect

Our team is experienced with WorkSafeBC requirements and will help you navigate the process. Your first visit with us is covered by WorkSafeBC and will include a full consultation and examination, including nerve scans and X-rays as needed. You’ll fill out the WorkSafeBC workplace injury forms, and we will send our report to them to get approval for your care. Please ensure to mention to the receptionist that you were injured at work upon booking your appointment.

Based on our thorough examination, we will explain our findings and our recommendations for your care. We focus on education, giving you the information you need to help prevent future injuries.

Once we have received approval, we will begin your customized care plan on your second visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much care is covered by WorkSafeBC?

Once approved, your treatments will be covered for the first four weeks. If needed, we can request an extension for an additional four weeks.

Why should I seek care from a chiropractor and not my GP?

We specialize in locating and addressing the underlying cause of the problem through spinal adjustments that relieve interference in the nervous system. If you require additional help from your medical doctor, we will refer you if needed.

Do you provide care for extremities, like shoulder or knee injuries?

Our focus is primarily on the spine and chiropractic adjustments to restore spinal alignment and nervous system function. If we are unable to help you with your particular injury, we will help find someone who can treat you.

Take the First Step Today

If you’ve been hurt at work, our caring chiropractors want to help you get better and get back on the job as quickly as possible. Contact us today to book your first appointment.



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