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Come One, Come All

“I believe in providing solutions for you, regardless of your background.” Dr. Leong Wong has created a family-based clinic, where he offers chiropractic care for people of all ages. “My goal is to use chiropractic care to help you unlock your greatest wellness potential.”

Methods of adjustments

Each doctor at Impulse Health and Wellness has several methods that they are trained in using. Mostly, they use manual adjustments (using their hands) to help gently correct your spine. However, there are other equally effective methods that they can utilize including instrument adjustments. These are especially helpful with children and others needing modifications.

At Impulse Health and Wellness, we use a combination of Diversified, Pettibon and CBP techniques (taught by the CLEAR institute), ArthroStim, Activator and Torque Release Technique. Sometimes we use Repetitive Cervical Traction by using Pettibon wall mounted traction units. We also utilize the whole body vibration plates for your adjustments to hold longer. We also have a doctor who is skilled at the Webster Technique which is useful for women who are pregnant.

Custom Orthotics

Impulse Health and Wellness is pleased to offer Custom Orthotics, through The Orthotic Group. Orthotics look like insoles but are designed to fit your foot specifically and work by correcting imbalances in your feet.  The result? Improved foot and ankle support, which often results in better posture and overall comfort!

Wondering if you’re a good candidate for custom orthotics? Speak with Dr. Wong to be properly assessed and fitted.

Is this the first time you’re being adjusted?

Good news! Most patients find immediate relief after the first adjustment. Rarely, you may feel a little sore, similar to working out for the first time. Why? Because when you’re body has been out of alignment for so long, it will take it a moment to get used to being back in place.

What’s that sound?

The sound of an adjustment is the release of gas that occurs through the movement of your joints.

“We’re happy to say that most of our patients respond positively to our adjustments and feel relieved and refreshed immediately.”

Let’s setup a time to meet so we can help you achieve true wellness. (604) 951-8959

Dr. Leong Wong | Surrey Chiropractor

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