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Impulse Health and Wellness Reviews

person making a heart shape with their handsWhat Our Surrey Patients Say

At Impulse Health and Wellness we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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  • Easy check in. Covid safe. Friendly staff. Great Dr’s.
    -Christine K.
  • Helpful and friendly staff. My massage therapy treatments have really helped me.
    -Renuka S.
  • Thank you, Dr. Will and all the amazing physicians and staff at Impulse Health and Wellness. My experience has been as excellent as my treatment!
    -Jashper P.
  • Dr. Mitchell was very knowledgeable, nice and helpful! He knows what he is doing and I’m getting better and better after my treatment.
    -Eliza D.
  • Dr. Will was very professional and helpful. He listened to my concerns and addressed them in my treatments.
    -Samsun A.
  • Seeing Dr. Janek has given me hope to improve my health and I am looking forward to my appointment on Monday with hopeful news on my plan to start the process to get healthy.
    -Darlene M..
  • Very kind, pleasant staff and feel confident I am in a good place to help me get my bounce in life back.
    -Helen H.
  • I love that you feel you are part of a team working on your health issues with experienced professionals and being educated on how and why chiropractic care works, as opposed to just showing up for adjustments.
    -Connie J.
  • Very professional, up to date on new treatments and encouraging.
    -Sharon R.
  • From the front desk staff to the RMT, they were easy and straightforward to deal with. They made me feel welcome and removed any doubts or hesitations. I made the right choice and would continue to go there.
    -Roger D.
  • Hands down best chiropractors office. The Drs are amazing as well as all the staff, I walk in and feel so welcomed and feel absolutely amazing once Dr Wong has finished my adjustment!
    -Carrie K.

Extremely Welcoming and Friendly Staff

I am so happy I found this Health and Wellness clinic, the staff are extremely welcoming and friendly. Dr. Will is awesome, very knowledgeable and he takes the time to explain any concerns that you may have, since coming for my treatments I have had so much more movement in my neck and back. I would highly recommend this clinic.

Dawn D.

Best Place By Far For My Massage Or Chiropractic Needs

Jag is a great massage therapist who takes care of his clients’ goals and explains everything in detail so we have a better knowledge and understanding of how our body works and what we need to keep doing to maintain a healthy physique and lifestyle. Best place by far for my massage or chiropractic needs. Thanks Jag.

Jasmehr B.


Never being to a chiropractor before I was a bit apprehensive. I thought that I probably just needed a massage and everything would be fine but it was a bit more than that. Dr. Wong is knowledgeable. During my first visit he showed me my x-rays and explained very clearly where my problems were, what was normal and what treatment I needed. I’ve had a few appointments already and feeling better. I also like the holistic approach that their practice has. At this point in my treatment I’ve been happy and hoping that because my problems are not very advanced that I can get back to normal.

Edna W.

Good Progress

I feel that good progress is being made. I sleep better. An ongoing problem with a rib has stabilized and I am not experiencing symptoms and discomfort like I have at many times in the past. I have much less anxiety and am able to breath deeper easier. Very happy with this treatment and education!

Wayne S.

Best RMT Services

RMT was very informative and knew what she was doing. She explained everything before starting the session as well as during and after the session. After visiting many places, this was the best RMT services I received in many years.
Amit B.

Renewed Faith I Can Be Helped

I have a renewed faith that I can be helped with my migraines and sleeping problems. Thank you for taking the time to listen to all my issues and trying to find the right solution. I look forward to moving forward with my treatments. Thank you again.

- Julie W.

Dr. Wong quickly established an excellent rapport and trust

I think that Chiropractic Care can be extremely beneficial and that finding the best chiropractor for your care is of the utmost importance. I was very fortunate in meeting Dr. Leong Wong as my providing chiropractor.

When I first met Dr. Wong, I had just ruptured my disc in my lower back that also resulted in a dropped foot. With the excruciating pain and diminished mobility, I could not rest, sleep, or work. Dr. Wong quickly established an excellent rapport of understanding and trust.

Chiropractic treatments were very frequent at the beginning. After the initial sessions, the adjustments were gradually scheduled further apart. My recovery was remarkable. Under Dr. Wong’s chiropractic care I have become much stronger and more flexible. His feedback during each session, proved to be an invaluable tool in assessing my time between visits.

To maintain my best I see Dr. Wong every week. Dr. Wong encouraged a regular exercise program to accompany his treatments.

Continued care, combined with my exercise program has been major factors contributing to my weight control. Dr. Wong’s chiropractic care has also been instrumental in restoring my self esteem and well being. I am efficiently able to be a full time care giver to my three grandchildren and their dog. I also consider it a gift to be dancing again at 57 without back pain. Thank you, Dr.Wong.

- Joan B.

Oustanding Care!

I have been under Dr. Leong Wong’s care for 11 months and can say that Dr. Wong and the staff are the most knowledgeable and professional people I’ve experienced in the chiropractic field. Outstanding!!! I have experienced improved vision and considerable less shoulder and neck pain with regular treatment/adjustments.

Dr. Wong, Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my husband, and friends. You’re the BEST!

- Suzanne K.

Even after the pain was gone, I wanted to be adjusted

My back was continuously getting worse and I had begun to have shooting pains down my right leg. After a few months of treatment I no longer suffer from any of the pain and suffering that I once did. Even after the pain was gone I knew I had to continue getting adjustments to help my spine get stronger. Now I see Dr. Leong Wong for regular maintenance.

- Gordon B.

Dr. Wong is the best!

I thank you God for sending me to the right place. The last 20 years I have all kinds of problems. Depression, no energy, leg pain, back pain, and I can’t think positively. Within a few months, all my problems had gone away. He is the best and I suggest everybody see Dr. Leong Wong. Again and again, I thank you Dr. Wong.

- Kuldip C.

I learned so much about my spine and how to take care of it!

Prior to Chiropractic Care, I would very often have soreness and pains in my upper back. As well, there would be painful spasms on my neck, causing me to be not able to turn my neck side to side at all. Overtime, the pains and soreness increased and worsened. Furthermore, from the neck pulls, and constant muscle strains for dance, my upper spine began to feel and look out of center. Hence, from the chiropractic, during the first two weeks, the pains in my neck became lessened; my spine looked so much straighter. Besides the pain relief, I learned so much about my spine and how to take care of it. During dance, I actually feel more centered and stronger. My kicks and back bends are definitely much better and centered, in only about a month’s time. I’ve seen so much improvement. I definitely am glad that I decided to visit Dr. Leong Wong.

- Wing Yi. C.

Dr. Wong’s treatment helped so much

I was in tremendous pain. My whole lower back was torqued and stiff as a board. I was standing all wrong because of the pain. I tried physiotherapy and massage therapy with no help. I knew what helped me before so I came and got chiropractic treatment with Dr. Leong Wong. Within few treatments I was able to work out in the gym and I had increased my mobility. Before I could not stand and look at stuff in shopping aisle. The treatment helped me so much that I referred my wife who had chronic neck and back pain to seek chiropractic with Dr. Wong. Also, beneficial is the class hosted by Dr. Wong which was attended by us.

- Bernardo F.

Regular adjustments make me feel better

I was in a car accident, and after 8 weeks of physiotherapy, and about 2-3 weeks of massage, I wasn’t feeling better. My massage therapist recommended that I try chiropractic. I started working with Dr. Leong Wong. After a couple weeks I was feeling fantastic!! I never knew that everything was related to different bone alignments. I am deeply grateful to Dr. Wong for helping me get my life back on track!

I am in my mid 40’s and for more than half my life I have suffered from chronic back pain. I have some degenerations of my spine. With regular chiropractic adjustments, I now feel much better.

I have seen Dr. Leong Wong for about 4 years now, and now, I hardly take any pain killer medications, or see my family doctor. The adjustments together with a set of stretching exercises, gives me a big relief and energizes me. Natural treatment really works.

- Irene F.

I know chiropractic was the right choice

I was referred to Dr. Leong Wong with extreme neck, back, and leg pain. He assessed my situation (long term problems) after X-rays we set up an intense care plan for a period of 4 months. After about 10 visits, 3 per week, the pain in some areas disappeared and/or lessened by approximately 80%, and I found I could run with more speed and ease. I now wear orthotics that is making a huge difference. I have a long way to go but I now know chiropractic is the right choice.

- Bonnie C.

The relief began immediately

When I would lay down I felt a pain in my back. I was especially aware of it during the night and by morning it was constant. Throughout the next 2 weeks the pain got worse. My sleep was continually interrupted. I tried cold, heat, medication, and massage therapy but nothing helped. Then Dr. Leong Wong X-rayed my back and began chiropractic adjustments. The relief began immediately. My back felt more free and the pain started to steadily ease. After a number of appointments I was pain free and able to sleep again.

- Davida B.

I recommend chiropractic care to everyone

Initially, I started seeing a chiropractor after suffering from chronic back pain, which I found not only painful but energy draining. Now, I have received chiropractic care from Dr. Leong Wong regularly for over six years and consequently I rarely experience back pain or discomfort. If I miss my regular visit, I notice that the pain starts to come back and so, I know regular chiropractic care is essential for me. I would recommend chiropractic care to everyone.

- Barry B.

I have great freedom of movement

After injuring my back, I found that pain medications had no lasting effect. Treatments through Dr. Leong Wong brought the pain under control and I was able to function again as I once had. I feel that with regular adjustments, I have great freedom of movement that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

- Dawna B.

Chiropractic treatment helps!

After a treatment from Dr. Leong Wong I feel relaxed and I can breathe a sigh of “ahh” relief. I feel better when I am active and doing things like running and going to the gym. Chiropractic treatment helps my neck, spine and lower back in countless ways.

- Tara B.

Better quality of sleep and a healed skin condition

My neck had been getting steadily worse since October last year. By July, I could barely turn my head. I found it hard to maintain proper posture.

January of this year, I had developed a skin condition on the palm of my right hand, scaly and itchy and I was constantly peeling the skin off my palm. February 9th with my hand only getting worse, I went to the doctor. He said it was eczema and he gave me a prescription of Lotriderm. I used it until April 27, the prescription did not help.

In April, my doctor finally sent me to a dermatologist, he said the condition was called psoriasis and prescribed Betamethosone for the daytime use and a cream for the night. Nothing helped, in fact it only got worse, spreading now over half of my palm.

My 1st visit with Dr. Leong Wong was July 25th. Today, Aug 9th and my hand is almost back to normal. There is no more itching or peeling of the skin. I have not used any of the doctors prescribed creams since July 27th.

I am not only getting better quality rest while I sleep, my posture has improved greatly.

- Janice C.


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