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Auto Accident Chiropractic in Surrey

man with neck pain after car accidentMany people think that a minor fender-bender is “no big deal” when it comes to their body. But the truth is, any auto accident can cause significant soft tissue damage and misalignments in your spine that can put pressure on your nerves and lead to symptoms like neck pain, back pain, headaches, concussions and long-term, chronic conditions.

At Impulse Health and Wellness, our caring chiropractic team has over 60 years’ combined experience and is committed to helping you heal and get back to living life without limits.

What Happens to Your Body

The physics involved in a car crash means that your body absorbs the force of the impact and can be propelled forwards and then backwards, leading to whiplash and other soft tissue damage, as well as misalignments anywhere in the spine.

These kinds of injuries can interfere with your nervous system’s normal function, resulting in pain, mobility and other types of dysfunction. Oftentimes nerve interference does not cause pain because most of the nerves in your body do not have pain fibers. So, you could have issues that you are unaware of. Getting checked out and addressing these issues to promote healing as quickly as possible can help to prevent chronic issues and scarring, and help your body heal in the proper position and alignment to remove that nervous system interference.

Don’t Wait

Misalignments in the spine can cause degenerative changes such as osteoarthritis of the joints of the spine. In addition, scarring from the injuries leads to weakness that can be susceptible to reinjury.

If your situation goes unaddressed, chronic pain can develop. Once the condition has become chronic, it’s much more difficult to correct. That’s why we encourage anyone who has been injured in a car accident, no matter how “minor,” to come see us right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work directly with auto insurance companies?

Yes. We will work directly with ICBC for payment coverage for your treatments.

How long will it take to get better?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) will automatically approve and pay for 25 chiropractic treatments within 12 weeks of your accident date. If further care is needed, we will submit a progress evaluation to the ICBC to request additional care. If it has been over 12 weeks since your accident date, we will work with ICBC to determine if they will cover your treatments.

Do I need a medical referral to see you?

No. You do not require a referral to see us. We welcome you to book an appointment at your convenience!

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