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About Impulse Health and Wellness

Impulse Health and Wellness team

The Impulse Health and Wellness team

“We’re here to make a difference in the community by helping you reach your full potential of health. This way, you can fulfill your true purpose in life.”

Helping Surrey Thrive Since 1993

Dr. Wong began practicing in Surrey in 1993, helping patients young and old discover their best health and happiest lives. “I love our patients from Surrey.”

We’re Focused on Health & Wellness

At Impulse Health and Wellness, an integral part of chiropractic care is based on your wellness. We don’t focus merely on relieving your pain; we help to ensure that your health is at its full potential too.

1. We work on the corrective care so you find relief, heal and function properly.
2. We move on to helping you discover your best wellness through a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that gives your body all it needs focusing on prevention and allowing you to thrive.

Education and Wellness by Example | We Live This Way Too

Living by Example. “In upholding our mission to you, we’ll show you the principles of health and help you achieve a positive mental attitude so you can achieve a lifetime of wellness. And, we do this in our own lives too, because we believe it’s important to walk the talk.”

We Can Help You with Problems Such as:

So, come experience healthy living and healthy being! Give us a call today. (604) 951-8959

Dr. Leong Wong | Surrey Chiropractor

Impulse Health and Wellness | (604) 951-8959