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Surrey Chiropractors
Help You Thrive!

Ready to heal the natural way and discover how good true wellness can feel? We're a family practice and love helping patients of all ages and backgrounds. "I'm here to make a difference in our community by helping you reach your greatest wellness. This way, you can fulfill your true purpose in life and enjoy all of the beauty and blessings in this world."


Meet the Chiropractors at Impulse Health and Wellness
Dr. Chris Leong, Dr. Leong Wong, Dr. Joe Janek and Dr. Will Mitchell

Impulse Health and Wellness Supports Family Health

Ready to heal the natural way and discover how good true wellness can feel?

Discover how incredible you can feel with the natural solutions at Impulse Health and Wellness! Surrey Chiropractors Dr. Leong Wong, Dr. Joe Janek, and Dr. Christopher Leong offer family health care for all ages. In our spacious, inviting facility, you can benefit from our team approach with many services available to improve your well-being:

Chiropractic care: Uncover your full potential for wellness.

Massage Therapy: Relieve stress and heal your body.

Holistic Nutrition: Get your nutrition on track to get more out of life.

Health Workshops: Gain the information you need to be your best.

30 Day Challenges. Achieve your health goals with support and encouragement.

We love helping patients who have a variety of different needs and concerns. It’s our goal to make a difference in our community by helping each person who walks in the door fulfill their potential. Then, you’re prepared to live your life’s purpose, enjoying the beauty and blessings our world has to offer!

Changing Your Mind to Change Your Life

To transform your lifestyle, you have to alter the way you think. That’s why we work to educate you when you become a patient at our office. When you have the information necessary to make the best decisions for you and your family, your health can flourish. By taking better care of yourself, you can discover the greatness within you. Our Surrey Chiropractors are witnesses each day to the successes of our patients, and we’d love the opportunity to help get your life back on track.

Be the happiest, healthiest you. Whether you want to relieve pain or step up your body’s capabilities, we’re ready to help. Contact our friendly, knowledgeable team today to get started!

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