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Welcome to Impulse Chiropractic & Massage Therapy

Surrey Chiropractor for Health

Ready to heal the natural way and discover how good true wellness can feel?

We’re a family practice and love helping patients of all ages and backgrounds. “I’m here to make a difference in our community by helping you reach your greatest wellness. This way, you can fulfill your true purpose in life and enjoy all of the beauty and blessings in this world.”

Our Services for Your Greatest Wellness:

Chiropractic care. To help you discover and maintain ultimate wellness.
Massage Therapy. To help you relieve stress and heal.
Nutritional Advice. To get your diet on track so you feel better and have more energy.
Health Workshops. To teach, guide and support you to be your best.
30 Day Challenges. To encourage you to achieve your health goals.

Changing Your Mind to Change Your Life

“I’m here to help you change your life for the better. In order to
change your health and lifestyle, you have to change your thought
patterns too. Then, your actions and habits will follow.”

“I’ll help you take care of yourself and discover the greatness
that is within you,” says Surrey chiropractor Dr. Leong Wong.

“Not only has chiropractic care changed my life, it can change
yours too. I’m here to help you get your life back so you can be the
healthiest, happiest you.”

Do you need help in relieving your pain or stepping up your health
and fitness? Give us a call so we can setup a time to meet.

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